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The frequently cited "war on talents" is tough and it's becoming increasingly tougher.

13/03/2012 Companies such as inet, who set high standards when it comes to the qualifications and qualities of their personnel, are consequently always having to find new ways and means of searching for the - in part - highly-specialized inet employees of tomorrow. International recruitment and, in particular, exchange programs are one part of the inet staffing strategy.

That's why we work together with WISTO (Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH) and the organization Vente para alemania to find the top Spanish brains, who are prepared to come to Austria.

Our partners can access various platforms, university networks, and pools of applicants to find potential candidates and pre-select them according to our requirements. On 9th February 2012, Natascha Gasser (HR Manager) and Christof Gunz (Head of Product Management) were on location in Madrid to hold a recruitment day with the candidates.

More than 20 applicants came and took part in the interviews, each lasting one hour and held using a rotation method. Of particular interest were:

  • the very high motivation levels of applicants and their interest in inet
  • individuals highly qualified in the field of software engineering with good language skills (English and even some German)
  • the willingness to relocate and the interest in getting to know and working in Austria
  • the openness of applicants
  • the excellent organization by WISTO and Vente para alemania

Then, one month later, we held "taster days" in the Dornbirn office with five selected candidates from Spain. Applicants' abilities were put to the test by means of sample tasks. The level of specialist knowledge was very impressive. Moreover, they integrated themselves immediately, i.e. they took a look around Vorarlberg, asked a lot about the company, and posed interesting questions. The candidates themselves were impressed by the relaxed atmosphere, the culture, and how people are treated ("one big family") at inet.

The application process is due to last until around the end of April. We look forward to being enriched with additional skills and cultures at inet!

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