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The six key drivers of Supply Chain Excellence

The stability of a supply chain is dependent on smooth interaction between all parties involved

06/08/2009 The purpose of 'Supply Chain Execution' (SCE) is to provide optimum coordination of all tasks performed by the various supply chain partners, whilst constantly taking into account changes in framework conditions, so that every link in the chain is equally able to bear the load. As nothing is more constant than change itself, one major challenge lies in ensuring that the ability of the supply chain to function correctly is maintained at a consistently high level, regardless of any shift in circumstances. We are justifiably proud of the impact our solutions have made in everyday use, securing 'Supply Chain Excellence' for global leaders in consumer goods manufacture and regularly demonstrating their adaptability under testing conditions.

In our ongoing efforts to achieve Supply Chain Excellence, we have identified six key drivers:

  • seamless connectivity of IT systems on the basis of a uniform, open platform;
  • collaboration on the basis of uniform information as well as smooth integration of processes;
  • overall optimization of the supply chain that takes into account all influencing factors;
  • continuous execution of the assignment, right through to the reporting stage;
  • real-time visibility for all parties involved and
  •  flexibility to adapt to changed circumstances.

None of the six drivers for Supply Chain Excellence is more important than any other but rather a component part of an indivisible whole that maintains operational capability at a high level, whilst keeping process and transport costs low.