Maximum speed for your automotive inbound logistics

Our communication and collaboration platform connects all participants

Trends such as the Industry 4.0, autonomous driving and electric mobility are presenting the automotive industry with new challenges and continuously increasing the pressure in the sector. 

For over 16 years inet-logistics has successfully served global automotive customers such as Bosch, MAN, Magna, Volvo and Scania. The inet TMS takes into account and supports the special attributes of the automotive sector, such as sophisticated global supplier networks, approaches to manufacturing like just-in-time and just-in-sequence, complex container cycles, CO2 regulations and more. 

The web-based collaborations and communications platform from inet enables the management and optimization of both individual processes and the entire automotive transportation network. All of the supply chain partners in your automotive supply chain are therefore able to access the same data in real time and to act with the appropriate efficiency. 

Our in-depth experience with international, multi-modal transportation management, dock management, audit-compliant container management and our clear reporting have made us into a strong partner in the automotive sector.

inet-logistics Automotive Competences

  • Several OEM, first tiers and suppliers now connected on one communication platform
  • Global solution for countless supply chain partners
  • End-to-end visibility via pick-ups, shortages, supplier reliability, and more
  • Monitoring and planning of reusable, intelligent container stocks
  • Comprehensive reporting, performance measurement of suppliers
  • Track and trace
  • Event & exception handling
  • Dynamic, tactical, strategic planning of the transportation and networks

              Visible Transportations

              Transportation Management

              Managing, controlling and optimizing transportation processes in real time - across the entire supply chain.

              Valid Data in Realtime

              Transportation Analytics

              Evaluate transportation data, measure performances and reduce transportation costs - all in just one system.

              Plan Container Cycles

              Container Management

              Gain an overview of complex container processes, plan demands and inventories in real time.