Transportation Analytics

Extract knowledge from your transportation data! Measure the performance of your transport logistics with Transportation Analytics, the high performance reporting and analysis tool from inet. Transportation data from a range of different sources automatically flows into an analysis system on a secure basis, where it is then linked together and processed to create clearly detailed figures and reports.

Transportation Analytics provides exactly the evaluations you need. Gain factual arguments in the form of detailed reports, key figures and analyses. This means efficiency and potential savings at the touch of a button.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization by

  • strengthening the negotiation position with suppliers
  • automating administrative processes
  • aligning of container inventories with actual demand
  • optimizing routes and networks
Increased reliabilit

Increased Reliability

Increased reliability through

  • frictionless interaction and communication
  • one consistent and complete database
  • reports for audits
Security and transparency

Security and Transparency

Increased security and transparency through

  • documentation of logins and changes
  • access to all relevant information and documents for all parties involved
  • configurable dashboards with individual KPIs 
At a glance
  • substantiated data for negotiations and strategies
  • central data hub links inet TMS and external systems
  • exact performance measurement of service providers, suppliers, networks, factories
  • comprehensive analysis of container cycles
  • rapid overview of cost structure
  • individual key figures and reports, configurable dashboards
  • definable span widths, notifications, updating events and times, formats, recipients, shipment
  • recorded instances of access and changes and different user views
  • encoded data, redundantly configured computer centers